Antler Care

Antler Care Before/After Care


Before & After School Child Care Program

Offered to Pre-K through 4th grade students

Antler Care Before/After Care hours:
6:30am-8:30pm & 3:30pm-6:15pm

 Please see the below links for details and information 
regarding this program.

2017-18 Antler Care School Calendar

2017-18 Antler Care Childcare Rates

2017-18 Antler Care Registration is closed. The following school sites are at capacity:

Deer Creek Elementary 
Grove Valley Elementary 
Prairie Vale Elementary 
Rose Union Elementary 
Spring Creek Elementary 

Antler Care Before/After Care 
Contact Information. Site phones only in operation during Antler Care hours.

Rose Union Elem. Antler Care
#405-359-3188 ext.4331

Spring Creek Elem. Antler Care

Prairie Vale Elem. Antler Care
#405-359-3170 ext. 4418

Grove Valley Elem. Antler Care
#405-359-3195 ext. 4250

Deer Creek Elem. Antler Care
#405-348-9100 ext. 4517

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