Public Participation


[Procedure for Public Participation]
[Public Participation Form]
BDA-R and KD-R
Members of the public may attend all meetings of the Board of Education. With the exception of the executive sessions held by the Board, all regular, special, and emergency meetings of the Board are open to the public.
The purpose of Board meetings is to conduct the business of the District. To provide for community involvement and the District's citizens with an opportunity to be heard, the agenda for each regular meeting shall include a thirty (30) minute period for public speaking. The public will be allowed to speak on issues which directly relate to the District with the following exceptions:
  • No comments about specific students or specific personnel will be allowed, whether positive or negative in nature.
  • No comments regarding litigation pending against the District, employee(s) of the District, or students of the District will be allowed.
  • No comments regarding a matter that is currently the subject of an investigation being conducted by the District or its agents or attorneys, or which is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation, will be allowed.
  • The speaker may not be an announced candidate for public office.
In the interest of orderly Board meetings and the completion of the scheduled agenda, discussion and comments from the public shall be limited to statements from those individuals who have registered to speak during the public speaking portion of the meetings.
Individuals who desire to speak during the public speaking portion of a regular Board meeting must complete a form entitled Request for Public Participation and submit it to the Clerk of the Board prior to the scheduled starting time of the regular Board meeting. Such form shall be available from the Clerk of the Board during the regular office hours of the District and immediately prior to the meeting. The form shall provide the name and address of the individual submitting the request and the specific topics to be addressed to the Board. The specific topics on the request form must be adhered to. Failure to have completed all the information requested on the form shall result in the individual not being allowed to speak.
Individuals shall be heard in order of the time of receipt of their requests until the thirty (30) minutes allocated for public speaking has elapsed. The Clerk shall notify the President when such time has expired. The Board may extend the total time limit for public speaking by a majority vote of the members present.
If persons are not present when their names are called, such persons shall not be able to address the Board at the meeting. Persons not able to address the Board because of the expiration of the thirty (30) minute period shall be listed first on the agenda for the next regular Board meeting if they notify the Clerk that their names should be listed prior to the publication of the next agenda.
Each person participating in the public speaking portion of the regular Board meeting shall limit his/her comments to five (5) minutes or less. Groups wishing to speak on the same topic are encouraged to choose a spokesperson. The Board reserves the right to limit the time for comments regarding any particular issue and/or the number of speakers to be allowed with respect to a particular issue.
The President of the Board shall recognize speakers, maintain proper order, and adhere to time limits. Board members and administrative staff may respond or may not respond to questions from the public at Board meetings. Questions from members of the public may be referred to the Superintendent for later report to the Board.
All persons addressing the Board shall conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and shall not be permitted to become disorderly or disruptive. The Board may terminate the time for comment of any person who fails to abide by these rules.
This policy does not apply to persons designated by the Board and/or the Superintendent to present matters to the Board in the normal conduct of its business in regular meetings. In addition, the Board, in its sole discretion, may dispense with the public speaking portion of any regular meeting when it deems necessary or appropriate.
As a general rule, there will be no public participation at special or emergency meetings of the Board.
Any individual or organization who desires to place an item on the Board of Education's regular meeting agenda must comply with the following procedures:
Such individual or organization shall communicate the request to the Superintendent in writing. The writing must state the nature of the matter to be discussed, the full name of the person making the request, and what is expected from the Board. The writing must be received by the Superintendent at least seven (7) days prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting in order to be placed on the agenda. The Superintendent shall confer with the President of the Board to consider inclusion of the requested matter on a Board agenda, and the appropriate meeting for discussion of such matter. The final decision will be at the discretion of the Superintendent and the President of the Board. If approved, the requesting party will be advised of the meeting at which the matter will be a part of the agenda. The Superintendent will inform the Board of any individual or organization denied the opportunity to address the Board of Education. The Board will be informed of the reason(s), if denied, by a copy of the letter to the requesting individual or organization.
In the event that a member of the public requests special accommodation (e.g. signing) in order to participate in the public meeting, he/she shall notify the Clerk of the Board at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting so that the necessary accommodations can be provided. The individual with communication impairment will be afforded such accommodation that is necessary and feasible to improve communication.