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Canvas & Infinite Campus

Important Websites

Canvas is Deer Creek's Learning Management System. Infinite Campus is used for official student records, including grades and attendance. Classlink is used as a hub for district-issued logins for academic softwares and websites. 


Parent Login Site     


Student Login Site

You should be redirected to a Google login page.  Your login information for Google should be: 

  • Username:
  • Password: initials (all caps) +six digit birthday (MMDDYY)

*If your child does not have a middle name in Infinite Campus, their initials will only have 2 letters, not 3. 

If you get "403. That's an error"

This means that you are logged into Google with another account.  An easy way to logout (our switch accounts) is go to Google. You should see an icon in the upper right hand corner that shows you what account you're using. You can click on it and logout of all accounts and then make sure you're only logged into your student's account. 

Another quick way to login as a student:

1. Go to Google and click Sign In (in the upper right corner)
2. Sign in with your student email account
Password: initials (all caps) +six digit birthday (MMDDYY)
4. Click on the “waffle” in the upper right corner. 
5. Scroll down to Canvas. This should take you to your student dashboard.

Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus Student Login

Student Login Information

Student Infinite Campus usernames and passwords are as follows:

  • Username: studentID
  • Password: initials (all caps) + six digit birthday (MMDDYY)