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Residency Verification

Residency Verification Process

Parents/guardians must verify residency for all students enrolled in Deer Creek Schools. However, there is no action needed until residency verification opens up for completion in July.

To verify residency, please complete the following steps. This must be completed and verified before a student will receive a schedule or get assigned to course rosters.

Co-Residency Information & Verification Process

A Co‐Residency Affidavit is used to verify residency when a family is residing in an established home owned or leased by another person or persons within Deer Creek Schools’ boundaries.

Some of the most common examples:

  • Unmarried couples living together and the primary guardian is not listed on fully executed
  • home ownership paperwork or the rental/lease agreement
  • Two families sharing a home or apartment and only the guardian from the resident family named is listed on home ownership documents/rental agreement
  • Parent(s) & Child living with Grandparent
  • Adult student living with an established Deer Creek resident (other than his/her own family)

All questions need to be directed to the school in which your child is enrolled.

Helpful Links

Print bill or download new-service confirmation with a July or August date to be used for residency verification: