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Deer Creek Transition Center

It is a great privilege Deer Creek requests financial support to expand our current transition program by building a model transition center known as the Deer Creek Transition Center (DCTC) for our students with special needs. By partnering with us on this mission, you will help improve the lives of special needs students in Deer Creek by transforming their learning opportunities in public education, decreasing their dependence on federal benefits, increasing graduation retention rates, as well as the employment rates. It will also serve as a catalyst training ground for districts throughout the state to follow, impacting special needs students throughout the state as well as those who teach and volunteer.

The transition from high school to the workforce can be difficult for students, but this transition is particularly challenging for students with special needs.  Many of these students have unique needs that cannot be met in a traditional classroom setting, and it is essential that we provide a continuity of service that prepares them for independent living and employment.  The DCTC will dramatically improve the quality of life for our students with special needs and their families by increasing graduation rates and ensuring gainful employment post-graduation.  By providing a support system and career planning for students with physical and developmental disabilities we will help them achieve self-determination and reach full inclusion in all facets of community life.

All funds donated will go directly towards construction and implementation of the DCTC, and would be a catalyst for fund-matching opportunities from local and regional donors. Any funds received beyond the requested amount will be used for maintenance of the facility and ongoing supplies, materials and competitive events. The hope is to begin construction on the complex as soon as possible.  It will include a simulated home dwelling, classroom area, work simulation area as well as a food truck.

Transition Center Founding Partners

Diamond        $500,000        Transition Center Naming Rights and plaque

Sapphire        $250,000        Area Naming Rights and plaque

Platinum        $100,000        Space Naming Rights and plaque

Gold                $50,000         Plaque

Silver              $10,000          Plaque

Bronze           $1,000            Plaque

All Founding Partners will be recognized on a plaque to be permanently displayed at the Transition Center. This important endeavor cannot be realized without your partnership. 

In true Oklahoma style we want to work together to create this dynamic and real world learning environment for our students. It is our hope that you will choose to leave a legacy of compassion, kindness and love for all.

Deer Creek Transition Center Details

Deer Creek Transition Center (DCTC) is designed to meet the developmental and transitional needs of our students with special needs and will be the hub for all special education transitional activities in Deer Creek School District.  The transition center will be approximately 3,000-4000 square feet and will include areas for both home and work simulations as well as a classroom that will be used to build on life skills, such as cooking, laundry, home maintenance, personal health, and other necessities of independent living. Job-readiness skill development includes key employment components from writing a resume and completing an application to time, money and inventory management. An industrial size kitchen will provide students the opportunity to learn essential culinary skills. The population that will be served includes students with a wide range of disabilities, such as vision, hearing, ambulatory, self-care, and cognitive disabilities.  Through DCTC, our students will learn to live and work independently, improving their quality of life and ensuring they can be active and contributing members of their community with minimal or no assistance.  

The living area will include all home-related spaces (kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, etc.) needed to simulate various job skills training situations. The entire complex is designed to be an active learning environment that can accommodate any level of disability.   The DCTC food truck will not only be a training facility for our students to learn applicable job skills and a path to employment through the Department of Rehabilitative Services, but also provide students with special needs with opportunities for increased community involvement and participation in school and community events.

  • In 2015, 24.5% of Oklahomans age 16 and over with disabilities were employed, compared to 66.9% of persons without disabilities. 17.6% of working-aged people with disabilities receive Supplemental Security Income.
  • In 2016, the poverty-rate of working-age people with disabilities was 25.9%.
  • Deer Creek Schools is a public school district in Edmond, Oklahoma that serves over 6,500 students, with a special needs population of over 10%.
  • Deer Creek Schools is Oklahoma’s lowest per pupil funded public school and therefore must rely heavily on support from patrons and community partners.
  • The non-profit Deer Creek Parent Support Group for Individual with Special Needs was established in 2015 to provide financial support in establishing a transition house for students with special needs.

Estimated Budget

Culinary/Home Kitchen
 649   sf
$190.00       $/sf 

 Motel Room/Bath

 374   sf
 $170.00       $/sf
 204   sf
 $160.00       $/sf
 433   sf
 $180.00       $/sf
 1523 sf
 $160.00       $sf
 914   sf
 $140.00       $/sf
 4097 sf
 $163.32.00  $/sf


For more information,please contact:

Ranet Tippens
Deer Creek Schools
[email protected]

Dr. Danny Barnes
[email protected]

Heather Squires
[email protected]


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