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Leroy Sullins Retires After Nearly 52 Years

Leroy Sullins Retires After Nearly 52 Years

Leroy Sullins is retiring from Deer Creek School District, after nearly 52 years of service. To celebrate, our Transportation Department hosted a bus parade by his house, featuring our entire fleet, and a special retirement cookout. 

In 2022, Leroy was named to the Deer Creek Schools Foundation Hall of Fame, where the following bio was read on his behalf. It sums up Leroy's time in Deer Creek so well: 

LeRoy was born in 1934 in Putnam, Oklahoma.  After growing up there and attending Arapaho High School, he entered the United States Air Force in 1953 until 1961 where he served as a Military Police Officer in the Korean War.  During that time in 1956 he met his wife of 65 years Inez in Davis, Oklahoma eventually moving to Oklahoma City to start a family having three children.  There he started his civilian career partnering with his father owning and operating three Kerr McGee full-service gas stations.

In 1969 LeRoy and Inez moved their family to Deer Creek and in 1971 decided to sell the service stations in the city and purchase a store/café/service station directly south of the original Deer Creek School.  LeRoy sold the business in 1972 after he was offered a full-time position with Deer Creek Schools becoming the Maintenance and Transportation Director which led to his start as a school bus driver. LeRoy ultimately retired in 1995 from the Director position and continued driving a school bus to this day.

According to his colleagues, LeRoy is known for always going above and beyond to help any employee struggling with any issue. “We can always count on him being at work and performing his job in an admirable manner.  Additionally, all of my employees look to him for guidance and his wisdom that he can share from his many years of service,” said Robert Feinberg, Transportation for DCS.

LeRoy’s quest to move to Deer Creek all those years ago to have and build a good life with Inez has led to a life of dedication to serving God, his family and the Deer Creek School district.  He has brought generation after generation to school every day for the last 50 years.  He always prays every morning and afternoon before his route for his kids and their safety.  LeRoy recalls fondly that there was only one school campus in the area when he and Inez moved there and now is amazed at how Deer Creek has developed into multiple campuses.  

LeRoy is a man of integrity, morality, steadfastness…a model to all of what it means to be a humble servant of God.  LeRoy is so honored to be recognized for his 50 years of service and prays that he continues to serve for many more years.