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New Elementary Name Announced

New Elementary Name Announced

Dr. Jason Perez gave the following remarks about the proposed name of the new elementary school: 

"There was an overwhelming consensus by the Naming Advisory Committee when it came to the new elementary school. There was still a strong desire to keep this name rooted in the history of Deer Creek and there are two stories that led to the final name.

The land near 148th and Council where the new school is being built was once owned by the Knight family as part of their larger farm. Since Deer Creek originated as a farming community, it was important to reflect this heritage in the name.

The other story revolves around the town of Lockridge, which was partially located within the Deer Creek School District boundaries when it originated in 1889. At its peak, Lockridge had a population of 400 people, more than 20 business houses, post office, school and church, plus three saloons. However, as automobiles became more popular and connecting roads were built to other communities, the town of Lockridge slowly disappeared until 1941 when only one person was left. This was a unique story of our history that they didn’t want to be forgotten.

With both stories in mind, I would like to recommend the name Knight Ridge Elementary to the Board for consideration."